Sam & Dave | Soul Man (Power Remix)

Soul legends never die

Perhaps no act epitomized soul music as the secularization of Gospel music more than Sam & Dave. 

Sam & Dave started off in the early sixties for Memphis-based Stax Records, where they were attached to the writing and production team of Isaac Hayes and David Porter.  

Hayes and Porter became the éminence grises behind Sam & Dave, much as Holland-Dozier-Holland pulled the strings behind the Supremes. They wrote they produced -- and the result was a string of hits, including "Soul Man," "Hold On! I'm Comin'," and "I Thank You," songs that survive as the very epitome of Southern soul. 

The dissolution of the partnership between Stax and Atlantic Records virtually sealed the fate of Sam & Dave. There were a few more hits and, later, a revival of interest thanks to the Blues Brothers but the glory days were over.

The glory days were over, but the memories were not.

Sam & Dave's music continues to be a source of inspiration for DJs and today's dance music producers. The Gospel roots of the originals may be long lost on these youngsters, the spirit and vibe of these 60s legends aren't, given the long list of remixes that can be found on Youtube.

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