Marc Rousso 'Heartbeat'

Marc Rousso 'Heartbeat'
A catchy nu-disco gem

Heartbeat is a catchy nu-disco gem, with strong beat, hi-hats, bass riff well to the fore, and those trios of ascending chords. A full-on song single, too, with a powerful, sassy, soul-soaked female vocal – sitting still is not an option, so dress up a bit and get out on the floor. In the Ferreck Dawn remix, the vocal is pitched down and more synthised, becoming more instrumental, while synth piano, and a drum build before the break, complete the vibe-shift from nu-disco to house.

Marc Rousso’s non-profit Charité Records unleashes two-track groover ‘Heartbeat’, featuring a remix from man of the moment Ferreck Dawn. Seattle native Rousso’s imprint pays forward his notable success, with all proceeds going to Friends of the Children Seattle, a charity providing mentors and opportunities to disadvantaged youngsters. 

It was at Miami Music Week he DJ’d with Ferreck Dawn and the remix idea was born. Marc says, ‘I’ve been playing Ferreck’s remix in my sets, it gets such an incredible reaction. He’s a cool and humble guy, it was awesome collaborating and playing with him. His trademark sound is a fresh contrast to my original.’

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