Capital House

Master Mello resides in the capital city of South Africa, Pretoria and musically known as the capital city of deep house. Master Mello’s style of play and production is influenced by his love for soulful house music. He is known for his love of vocal house from his days of collecting vinyl to this digital era.

DJ Frisco & Marcos Peon | 'Lounge' remixed by Jose Uceda @unconventionalrecords

From the House of Spain

Heartbeat Dance music

The drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth, it is the eagle whistle that sounds with the breath of the Creator. 14 Deep House tracks that set the mood for this notion.

We feel it!

Seeing Without Eyes is a soulful #House duo from Baltimore MD #USA who have released their first EP on Better on Foot Records showcasing a distinct form of 'poetry over melody' of contemplative mystic club cuts.

Yo! Yes! Yeah!

@ChrisMaragakis' pivoting his style to be more #Funk (Yo!) and