Boys Be Kko | Hansa

Boys Be Kko | Hansa
Brain cleansing and soul enriching

After three standout EPs on Atomnation, Japanese producer and live artist Ryunosuke Hayashi a.k.a. Boys Be Kko serves up his long-awaited debut album.

"Hensa" is a serene nine-track electronic trip that oozes musical charm and artistry. Special.

The lovably eccentric Hayashi has been making music since high school, on through art college, and is now a key figure in the Tokyo scene. He co-runs the Kids Return label, design studio, and event brand, and is a lover of hardware who can really speak through his machines. He has proven that with three EPs on the label since 2019, and they all came with amazing cover art shot by the man himself alongside his fellow Tokyo creatives. Hayashi is always at the center of the artwork, which is playful, artistic, and has a cool sense of humor.

This new album finds him expanding on his always emotive, clean, and futuristic fusion of house, disco, and melodic techno in alluring new ways.

This is a brain-cleansing, soul-enriching work of melodic electronic perfection from Boys Be Kko.

Ryunosuke Hayashi | Bias Japan

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