Lubelski | Happy Accidents Remixes

Lubelski | Happy Accidents Remixes
A unique sample-laden and rhythmic approach

Part electrical engineer, part multi-instrumentalist psychonaut, Jake Lubell has synthesized a knack for wild, electric beats into a flagship for the next-generation of analog obsessed producers. A keen understanding of late nights on the dancefloor, has Lubelski emerging as one of North-America's most promising forces. 

Accidents happen, but they are never coincidental - neither is this release.

Something special happened when Lubelski's Happy Accidents LP was released in 2021. Clubland opened its doors wide-open and left-of-center modular soundscapes permeated the dancefloor. In its wake , a madman synth-nerd stepped into the spotlight, and the next chapter of Lubelski's sometimes silly, always thoughtful, and never predictable performances took over DJ booths far and wide.

Now Lubelski shifts his attention to curating the Happy Accidents Remixes LP with the same care and rejection of the rules that the original represented. This is the type of multi-genre, no holds barred, smack you over the head curation that anyone's who's caught a Lubelski set knows well.

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