Sneakpeek | Scene Within A Dream

Sneakpeek | Scene Within A Dream
Dreamy dancefloor rhythms

Sneakpeek has masterfully crafted a surreal, dreamy dancefloor where you can surrender to the music and lose yourself in its mesmerizing rhythms. Embark on this extraordinary musical odyssey with Sneakpeek's "Scene Within A Dream", and let it awaken your spirit to infinite possibilities. Prepare for an unforgettable experience that will leave you yearning for more.

Sneakpeek is the brainchild of Southern California natives Dora Hiller and Aric Bohn who first started making music together over a decade ago. It wasn’t long before they forged a bond over their love of creating mesmeric soundscapes that brim with vibrant dream pop and are haunted by murky grunge rock phantasms.

"We wanted to experiment with a new sound that embodied those elements but with our own spin on it"

Throughout "Scene Within A Dream", Sneakpeek explores the world of dreams, the mysteries of nature, mortality, magic and manifestation; old Hollywood studios, non linear timelines, synchronicity, and paranormal experiences, leading the listener out onto a surreal, dreamy dancefloor.

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