Dubmatix Pressure Remix

Canadian producer and award winner, @Dubmatix, has been working on a variety of remixes, mixes, and a new album lately. Remixes and productions include Raider Records - Embalming Fluid ft Blackout JA, Jman, G Duppy, and Steppa Style.

More than enough

New Zealand producer Joe Revell (DJ/Producer) #HipHop remix of ‘All I have’, ft. Blackout JA + deep Nick Manasseh & Jstar #Dub & original album cut from Jstar "Stand To Order" LP


Grace Jones, Jamaican-American supermodel, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. Extravagant, eccentric, controversial(?), #GraceJones managed to stay ahead of the herd for most of her career. For #InternationalWomensDay we’ve created a collection of tracks from her diverse music catalog which is now featured on the #UbuntuFM #Dance #Radio channel.

Yo! Yes! Yeah!

@ChrisMaragakis' pivoting his style to be more #Funk (Yo!) and