A unified vibe for a post-pandemic dance floor

Dimension 170 is the new album by producer Mike Paprocki. After voyaging into psychedelic afrobeat territory with live drums, live bass, and live analogue synth on last years release of The Spiral Out Sessions, the new album swings in a different direction.

Dubmatix Pressure Remix

Canadian producer and award winner, @Dubmatix, has been working on a variety of remixes, mixes, and a new album lately. Remixes and productions include Raider Records - Embalming Fluid ft Blackout JA, Jman, G Duppy, and Steppa Style.

'housey' downbeats with a fat Reggae flavour

The KING SIZE DUB Special is the essence of what NOISESHAPER has ever done and is another impressive display of how a musical style has progressed.


Where #DnB can overdo itself and can become neurotic instead of rhythmic, Two-State have found and remain within the funky sweet spot of the genre, ergo #Neurofunk.

More than enough

New Zealand producer Joe Revell (DJ/Producer) #HipHop remix of ‘All I have’, ft. Blackout JA + deep Nick Manasseh & Jstar #Dub & original album cut from Jstar "Stand To Order" LP

Reggae Warriors

Toronto based Reggae Warriors House of David Gang collaborated with #Dancehall artist/producer GISTO in a Vancouver studio to capture the new single "Good Vibration" The track is a product of spontaneous sessions which had the artists experimenting with new elements while maintaining their signature roots reggae sound.